Looking for Beta Readers!

Book and Pen

So… I’ve (almost) finished my self-edits for In Numina. Time to start soliciting feedback.

When can you get your hands on it?

I still have some minor edits to do. The book will go through professional copy-editing and proofreading before publication (so expect typos and grammatical errors), but in between I need feedback on the plot, characters, world, etc. I will be ready to send it out to beta readers next week.

While this is an independent Felix mystery, it helps if you read Murder In Absentia first. If you haven’t, I’m willing to send you an ebook copy.

What do I need from betas?

  • Read a Word document, mark-up errors and/or write side notes in an email. I’m looking for anything you can point out to help improving the manuscript: typos and grammatical errors, unclear bits, plot holes, etc.
  • Respond by November 30th (a bit over two months)
  • Leave a review on Amazon. An honest review – good or bad – based on the ARC and posted as soon as In Numina is available on Amazon

I am looking to launch In Numina with as many reviews as possible – ideally anywhere between 20 and 50.

What then?

After the beta feedback, I will do any corrections needed and my own full-pass editing round. Then it goes to my copy-editor and proofreader. In the mean time, I will commission cover art, work on the blurb, write a short story or two, drink scotch…

All things considered, In Numina will be published in the first quarter of 2018.

What do betas get?

  • An ebook copy of the finished book,
  • Their name inside in the credits,
  • My eternal thanks πŸ™‚

So if you’re interested in beta reading, just fill out this contact form:


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