A (literally!) earth-shattering book launch!

In Numia eBook This week marks the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD. That momentous, earth-shattering event took place on August 24th, around 1pm. What better time than to celebrate my second Roman-inspired novel?

I’ve got some cool things to share with you around that 🙂

First, like the common advice to lecturers, let me start with a joke. Imagine you were near Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted. Imagine the terror, the flight to safety. Imagine your relief when you manage to outrun to ash and find shelter. Imagine Pluto’s grinning face as he snaps his fingers and says “Gotcha!” when that lintel you were hiding under falls on your head.


Who ever this was, he was having a really bad day. Although, perhaps, not as bad as some of the housing problems Felix solves in In Numina. Just sayin’.
(You can read a full article about the archaeological discovery on The Smithsonian)

Now that the joke’s out of the way, let’s get a tad more serious. I’ve updated the page for In Numina. Besides the gorgeous cover, you’ll find some of the review quotes that my ARC reviewers have been gracious to leave on Amazon and Goodreads. There are also a couple of excerpts from the novel (one darker and one lighter, both short). There’s also an exclusive interview with Aemilia, Felix’s counter-part (though if you call her a “love interest” I’m not responsible for your safety).

All this, of course, is aimed to direct you to Amazon, to get your own copy. Paperbacks are already on sale, and ebooks will be delivered to your Kindle on September 1st.

Going back to Vesuvius for a moment, believe it or not, but Felix was present in our world at the time. I’ve written his memoirs about it. In fact, one can say that the events therein are what pushed him to become an investigator in the first place. You can read all about it in the short story New Directions (with Part II specifically about Vesuvius). This ties nicely with this week’s events and provides the earth-shattering backdrop for the book launch.

I couldn’t have picked a better date to launch In Numina. Though it took a while to complete, a lot of effort went into it. I am immensely proud and excited about the result. The praise the novel had already received from advanced readers leaves me humbled. I trust you will enjoy it (as well as my short stories and random rambling related to Romans).

Videas Lumen!

ps. No, really, either go read the excerpts, or go get your own copy right now. This post is finished.


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