Book Review: The Rules of Supervillainy, by CT Phipps

I’ve heard a lot about this series, and have sampled CT Phipps works before. Besides, who doesn’t like superheroes?

This was a quick, fun read with lots of situational humour and fast paced action. Recommended to fans of the genre – if you’ve enjoyed Deadpool, The Boys, and the like, you should add this to your reading list.

What to expect

A superhero story like the comics, with mind-bending twists and hilarious humour. As Phipps says in the introduction, this is born out of love for the genre, with plenty of tropes and no attempt at logic — just like the comics.

While not as dark as The Boys or as explicit as Deadpool, I still think it would appeal to their fans. Gary aka Merciless(tm) isn’t quite the super-villain he likes to be. He doesn’t suffer from a cliche heart-of-gold, nor is he an anti-hero like the punisher. He’s definitely a supervillain… he just likes the world to survive the space monsters and zombies long enough for him to rule it.

What I liked

The humour is in line with Phipps other works, with plenty of situational jokes, slapstick, snide commentary, and fanboi jokes.
The characters are amusing, and if they aren’t exactly deep and emotional that fits well with the genre. It’s more about the insane plot twists anyway.

What to be aware of

This book is more about chaotic humour than sensible plot, always going for the cheesy jokes. Then again, it’s why I like it.


If you like the super-powered genre, if you enjoy comics and would like a quick laugh-out-loud read, this is a book for you.

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