Nesting with Books

Exciting news! It is with great pleasure, that I announce that I have been invited to join as a regular contributor! is a top fantasy book review site. They run their own yearly fantasy awards, and the blog is one of the ten SPFBO judging blogs every year (and has picked some of the winners in the past). It’s a great honour that my (admittedly eclectic) tastes are recognised by fellow fantasy lovers.

What does this mean for my reviews here? Not much. I will keep capriciously selecting from my longer-than-my-life-expectancy to-read list. I do read indie works, so if you’ve contacted me in the past to review your book, there’s now a chance it’ll appear on a much bigger platform 🙂

Reviews will appear on Booknest first, and only later on my blog. I usually have a two-months pipeline of blog posts, so that’s not a biggie. I still post all reviews on Amazon (US and AU), Goodreads, and Bookbub.

Will I be a judge in SPFBO? Maybe. If I can read that fast (which depends on my work commitments and my writing activity at the time). I have gotten pretty good in recognising books I enjoy, and I quickly and silently DNF books I don’t enjoy. (I don’t post unfavourable reviews, because it’s not for me to trash others’ work). Still, with my eclectic tastes and the brutal nature of SPFBO, I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

I do plan on submitting future works to the competition (at which point I’ll step down from the judging panel), but that anyway won’t be this year (In Victrix has too many ties to previous novels in the series to qualify as a standalone). My next novel after that is a new, unrelated series (wait, what? you didn’t hear that!), but it’s some time in the future.

In order for my review queue on Booknest not too look too empty, I put my top choices from the past couple of years on the site. If you want to see a variety of what I find as really cool books (as well as my latest review), check it out here:

Do check out the rest of the site too. I’d love to know what you think 🙂

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