Dressmaking for Werewolves


This was a response from a writing prompt, that caught me in the mood. The original prompt was for up to 3 paragraphs on

Small village dressmaker bit by werewolf

Here’s my micro-fiction submission:

Having been bitten by a werewolf, Betty found that her dressmaking skills were challenged to the extreme. In the first month, she found out that not even a whalebone corset holds against the supernatural transformation. When the full moon rose, her husband had time to make one lascivious comment about her boobs spilling out before she ate him.

On the second month she tried wearing hose. While flexible enough to accommodate her lupine form, she found that the extreme stretch allowed her now-luxurious body-hair to poke through the weave. That was certainly not a look a lady should countenance in public.

It took over a year, sourcing newfangled materials from faraway lands and cutting designs never dreamt of before by anyone, but she finally hit upon the perfect combination. It was an inspired design, that maintained decorum while still allowing for the unique features of the beast, from slavering jaws to fluffy tail. On the next full moon she took the village by storm with her yellow-polka-dotted, red leotard fur-kini.

There you go. In my defence the story (and accompanying image) were done on the back of a long meeting, leaving my feverish imagination desperate to run wild.

And, hey, if you like it – check out the short stories! I’ve got everything from more micro-fiction like this, to slightly-longer-but-still-amusingly-thought-provoking flash fiction, to detective cases with Felix, and even a free novella! Good times galore!


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