Book Review: Mad House, by Ellis L. Knox

I love Knox’s mix of history and fantasy, so was happy to find this novelette.

What to Expect

A quick read about a roguish sprite, a loyal ogre, and a house made of magic.
This story is mostly atmospheric, but serves as an excellent intro or sample of Knox’s longer works.

What I liked

I liked the characters, with their foibles and growth even in such a short span. I loved the premise of the story and the final resolution.

What to be aware of

It’s a short work, and while Knox is clear about the alt-history nature of his work it doesn’t do justice to his usual deep grounding in a particular period (usually there’s more history involved in the world-building, which I adore).

Felix’s Review

Felix has been in a few houses gone mad, so can sympathise with the protagonist’s experiences. He’s not sure about the final resolution, but that’s not about the story – more about the future prospects of a sequel.


Excellent quick read, and if you like it I’d strongly recommend Knox’s other works (see my previous reviews of Goblins at the Gate and Into the Second World.)

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