Book Review: Demon’s Dagger, by Douglas Lumsden

I find Lumsden’s urban fantasy series one of the best out there, and I will never get tired of saying it. So obviously I was very excited to see a companion novella.

What to Expect

Expect something a little different that the usual Alex Southerland novel. This one is doesn’t involve him, but one of the best side characters – Crawford the were-rat. It also spans several point-of-views, as opposed to Southerland’s first-person story.

What I liked

I love Lumsden’s deft touch in describing the unsavoury characters that make the underbelly of society. The transition from first-person to multiple POVs was expertly done, and each character has an immediately recognisable distinct voice.

I also love Lumsden original world-building, and the novella exposes more of the history and geopolitics of this complex world.

What to be aware of

This is dark-fantasy, with harsh themes. Petty criminals are never nice people, and there’s a lot of misogyny and violence. (Never mistake an author for his characters, though – this is just the aspect of criminal society that Lumsden describes here). Still, it may be a rough read for some.

Felix’s Review

Felix enjoyed this new take. He’s familiar with the concepts of shapeshifters and were-creatures through antiquity’s numerous works on metamorphoses, but Lumsden unique take on the subject was particularly appealing to him. He’s used to dealing with rough characters and getting drawn as a pawn into the games of the mighty, so that was also a point of sympathy for him.


A highly recommended read. This is a companion novella, so a bit outside of the usual occult detective series. If you haven’t read Lumsden’s other works start there, but if you enjoyed them you will certainly get a kick out of this one.

Enjoying the reviews, but wondering who the heck is that Felix fellow? Glad you asked! He’s the protagonist of the Togas, Daggers, and Magic series, an historical-fantasy blend of a paranormal detective on the background of ancient Rome.

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