Announcing my collaboration with Neil Gaiman!

I’m ecstatic to announce a collaboration between myself and Neil Gaiman, revolving around ancient mythologies!

The collaboration revolves around answering questions that have been bothering people relating to the various world mythologies, trying to make sense of this complex subject.

This collaboration is sponsored by Wired magazine, as a sort of “Mythology Support”, similar to their better know Tech Support help-line.

The format is Mr Gaiman turning to social media (Twitter in this case), and answering questions posed there. The aim is to help educate people out there about the intricate nature and context and often deep, hidden meaning of the many stories we grew up on or have seen used (and abused) in films and books.

My involvement is supplying said tweets for Mr Gaiman as prompts.

Specifically, Mr Gaiman as picked up one of my tweets to answer.

The tweet is from 2016.

It was a rhetorical question.

It was promoting character interviews on my blog…

OK, by now you should be laughing about as hard as I am. If not (or even if you are laughing and want more), you can view the video of Gaiman achieving the remarkable feat of pronouncing my name correctly on the first try!

Actual screenshot!
(Click image for video & transcript)

You can also see the original tweet and (presumably) Gaiman’s reply can here on Twitter, plus my open invitation to interview any of his characters on The Protagonist Speaks. For those authors still reading, you might want to jump on the bandwagon and get your character interviewed on The Protagonist Speaks before Gaiman mythical characters make an appearance* and we become too big and important for mere mortals. Fill out the Contact form – and hurry!

For the readers out there or anyone in need of a good laugh, why not check out my short stories? You’ll get better mileage out of them than Gaiman**.

* Gaiman’s character of choice will appear on The Protagonist Speaks roughly around the heat death of the universe.

** I’m not talking about your mileage from Gaiman’s stories. On the assumption that Gaiman forgot my name within 5 seconds of the uttering it in the video, I’ll make a safe bet he got zero entertainment mileage from my stories.


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