About Felix

Felix, with his colourful past, finds himself running errands and solving mysteries for all those upright citizens who would rather keep appearing as such – and not expose their shady dealings to prying official eyes.

He knows a bit about this and something about that, stuff that is on the borders of legality; but mostly he knows how to make problems go away. Discreetly.

In his own words,

I forged my own path as a Fox, though often a ferret would have been a more accurate name. Purloined jewellery, missing persons, cheating spouses are what paid for my bread and fish sauce. The occasional debunking of charlatans, confirmation of ancient scrolls, and even, rarely, a real magical ring are what would one day fill my memoirs. But this? Definitely out of my way. If I should live to see the end of this, it would make the shining pinnacle of light in my memoirs. Who knows, perhaps I could even sell them!

Felix has taken a life of his own, and has been giving interviews. First was the one on The Protagonist Speaks, followed by an expanded interview on Pure Jonel. Recently, Felix and Assaph have given a joint interview! This one has to be read to be believed.