I sometimes wish I could visit Britain, where, it seems, Roman ruins are everywhere and you can just randomly fall on them. No, really – a UK farmer went for a walk, stumbled on remains of rare Roman mosaic and villa. Really pretty mosaics and I suggest you read that article, but this post is […]

I loved Saylor’s previous Roma and Empire novels (as well as his Gordianus series), so was naturally keen to read this latest installment. What to Expect A continuation of the Pinarii’s observation of Roman history, covering the period from Marcus Aurelius to Constantine the Great. Saylor has chosen an old patrician family, and has placed […]

Finally a full-length novel in Djèlí Clark’s steampunk Cairo series! What to Expect After three short stories / novelettes, Djèlí Clark delivers us a full length novel in the wonderful world of Fatma el-Sha’arawi! The shorts won many accolades and awards (deservedly), and this novel keeps the quality. The novel is set on a backdrop […]