Matyszak is one of my favourite historians (because archaeologists and historians are much more deserving of celebrity culture than actual celebrities ๐Ÿ˜œ), and I loved previous books of his. This books offers a review of people and nations you’ve probably heard of in passing, and promises to give you a deeper understanding of those forgotten […]

Welcome to your favourite collection of ancient oddities — where the plagues are firmly history ๐Ÿ™‚ I won’t bother you with Stuff To Learn During Quarantine. I figured your social feed is chock full of that stuff anyway, and you would have seen it. Same with actual historical information about historical plagues, because, again, everyone’s […]

I’ve read a couple of Matyszak’s fictional-non-fiction works before, and I find his style refreshing. 24 Hours in Ancient Athens doesn’t disappoint, and delivers an excellent education resources – packaged in easy to consume storytelling. What to Expect This isn’t fiction in the normal sense – no plot and characters as such. Instead, Matyszak reconstructs […]

Today’s post collects interesting articles on the subjects on ancient texts. From high-tech reading of ancient Roman scrolls to medieval books made now available (and down to some really pissed-off bronze age customers), we have an amazing selection for lovers of words. Protect yourself! First, let’s start with a bit of fun. Every author these […]