I sometimes wish I could visit Britain, where, it seems, Roman ruins are everywhere and you can just randomly fall on them. No, really – a UK farmer went for a walk, stumbled on remains of rare Roman mosaic and villa. Really pretty mosaics and I suggest you read that article, but this post is […]

I’m a sucker for Roman-era fiction, so no surprises that I’d watch TV series set on the same background 🙂 What to expect The series follows the life of Livia Drusilla, Augustus’ wife and first empress of Rome. She was one of the most influential figures in politics and civic life of the early empire, […]

This week I’ll review two courses on food history, both by Prof Ken Albala and available on The Great Courses. The courses are complementary, and I’d recommend them to everyone who likes history, cuisines, and the involvement of both in literature. First, a few words about the lecturer. Ken Albala is a professor of history, […]

I first heard about Up Pompeii when I reviewed Chelmsford 123, another favourite Roman-esque British sitcom, and someone recommended this show in response. What to expect A British sitcom dating from 1970, about events two millennia prior. The humour is a product of both time periods: a lot less politically correct then current tastes, but […]

Following my review of Chlemsford 123 (the greatest Roman-era sitcom of all times!) I found the more recent Plebs. Centered around the lives of (very) common people in 27 BCE Rome, it’s a nice little British sitcom with enough going on for it. What to Expect Set in Rome of 27 BC, two mates – […]

I’ve mentioned this TV series plenty of times, and I re-watch it every couple of years (yes, it’s that good). I’ve even put in some pop-references in my novels (an homage, not plagiarism 😜) So here’s a formal review, in case you needed encouragement to watch it. What to Expect Set in the year 123 […]