The Voices In My Head

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So while I’m busy writing up his memoirs and doing promotions for them to spread the word, Felix seems to have done a runner on me.

He knows perfectly well that I’m running a blog dedicated to character interviews, yet he run off and gave a guest post – with more details! – on a different blog!

You can read it all on PureJonel’s blog.

Speaking of promotions, I’ve recently disclosed how Felix got his name – including the pics to prove it!

So yes, you guessed it, I’ve done yet another author interview – but this one was decidedly more fun 🙂 And it does indeed have the pictures to prove where I got the inspiration for Felix’s name.

You can read about it on P.A.W.S. 4 Thought.

Go on, read it. It’s highly original, never been done before, pics of cats on the internets!

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