Virtual Book Fair – Now On!

Virtual Book Fair

Hi everyone! All the activities at the fair have started!

I’d like to give a warm welcome to the over 500 guests that are attending! All the participating authors are ridiculously excited 🙂

Here’s what to expect for the next two weeks. Every day the moderator will post up to books from a specific genre for you to check out (Murder In Absentia is featured today, Feb 20th). Some authors have drastically cut the price of their books for these next two weeks, some will be conducting book giveaways on their own websites (see mine below). You are welcome to chit-chat with the authors on their event post if you have any questions. Authors adore feedback, so don’t be shy!

All giveaways through the main event page are for print books (sadly for US residents only), but as mentioned authors might be running other giveaways and discounts. Murder In Absentia will be run in both – a paperback copy through the main site, and an ebook below.

Paperback giveaway winners will be chosen from comments to specific posts. Contests will run from the time of the post through March 3rd. Winners will be chosen by a third party on March 4th, and winners will be posted. So look out throughout the coming weeks for all  the little contents!

And now, here is a line-up for what to expect!!

  • February 20: Paranormal/ Fantasy (11 booths) – that’s when I’m featured!
  • February 21:  Romance (7 booths)
  • February 22: Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller (6 booths)
  • February 23: Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller (6 booths)
  • February 24: Science Fiction (7 booths)
  • February 25:  Historical Fiction (5 booths)
  • February 26: YA (10 booths)
  • February 27: Literary Fiction (6 booths)
  • February 28: Literary Fiction (6 booths)
  • February 29: Literary Fiction (6 booths)
  • March 1: Nonfiction/ Creative Nonfiction (6 booths)
  • March 2: Children’s Fiction (8 booths)
  • March 3: Poetry (1 booth)

I hope everyone discovers their next favorite author!!

And as mentioned above, in celebration of the virtual book fair, I am holding an ebook giveaway for Murder In Absentia! Here’s your chance to win a copy of the novel my cat rated as 5 paws! (And quite a few humans liked it too 😉

Join the rafflecopter give-away here: Rafflecopter giveaway for Murder In Absentia. There is a question that you’ll need to answer – and you can find the info at the fair booth!

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