New Cover Reveal Party!

Cover Reveal Teaser

In order to celebrate the new cover (and new minor edition) of Murder In Absentia, I will be hosting a Cover Reveal party on Facebook!

There will be games, giveaways, trivia and general fun! I’ll be answering questions in real time, giving away ebook and paperback copies, and generally being my over-caffeinated excitable self 🙂

So join in and invite all your friends for a chance to snag a free copy of the best* novel of 2015!
(*As voted by my cat. He’s not biased at all just because the protagonist is named after him.)

Also, the book will be on $0.99 special from this weekend for a week. So even if – somehow – you didn’t get a free copy, you can get it on the cheap from Amazon. (And to put it in perspective, after Amazon, international bank transfer fees, and the Tax Office – it takes 6 people for me to make enough money for a single espresso. Seven people if I want a double-shot 😉


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