Top 10!

Top 11

Well, OK, Top 11 – but I’m sure that’s just because I blinked when it hit top 10!

So now Murder In Absentia is one of the top selling books in the Roman Fantasy category, and fairly much up there in the more general Historical Fantasy category. Pretty exciting for a first-time author who only published his first work six months ago!

If you haven’t already, Murder In Absentia is still on special for the rest of this week! Let’s see if I can take it to the #1 Best Selling spot!

All of this is in large part due to the amazing support I’ve received from fellow indie authors. As an example, I’ve had 3 media appearances in the past week, to coincide with the new cover reveal: Nikki Williams has published an author inteview, and both Charline Ratcliff and Dianne Bylo have published the  new media kit. Go check them out – they’re all very nice blogs!

And lastly, a lot of thanks go to my wife, who has done such an amazing job with the new website. Now all I need to do is get cracking on In Numina 🙂


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