Book Review: Eno and the Pirates

If you’re reading this blog, you probably figured out that I have a thing for Historical-Fantasy Mysteries. No big surprises, really. So when I came across CB Pratt’s Eno and the Pirates, I was immediately excited! Another historical-fantasy hero from the ancient world.

Since I had a cold and was not in the mood for writing, I started reading it. And immediately fell in love!

Before I even finished the book, I invited Eno and CB Pratt to The Protagonist Speaks. Expect an interview in the coming weeks.

What to Expect

A bit of a romp around ancient Greek isles, with heroes and monsters, Queens and Pirates, goat stews and visiting fauns. A light and fun read, quick of pace with well-fleshed characters. In the words of the blurb for the series:

When you live in Ancient Greece, monsters and gods are just part of the scenery… until they run amok. Then you need to hire a hero. There’s nobody better at out-witting a sphinx, charming a goddess, or swinging a sword than Eno the Thracian. Armed with a dry sense of humor, a body like living rock, and a wide experience of love, death, and olive oil, Eno is just what the philosopher ordered… if you can afford him.

What I liked

The level of historical details; Eno himself, with his attitudes toward life (I can completely see him and Felix swapping stories over a night of carousing). The tone is humorous, with many side jokes:

“What happened back there with Metaphocles? He dropped like he’d taken an arrow to the knee.”

What to be aware of

This is a novella, a quick read. Don’t expect anything epic, overly-dark, or overly seriously historical.


A quick and humorous read. I give it a 5-star rating, based on the fact that I am now going to get the rest of Eno’s books, and keep on reading!

Best of all, CB Pratt makes it available for free on Eno’s web-site! I suggest you head there now, grab a copy, and meet the Ancient World’s best Hero for Hire! (and then head to Amazon, and snag the whole five full-length book series — I’ll see you there).

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