AudioBooks! Well, Audio-Story

AudioBookI’ve been asked by quite a few people when will the Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic be available as audio-books. It’s been on my perennial to-do list, but because I’m one of those people who can’t follow a narrated story (look! a squirrel!), I’ve always pushed it off.

Happily, in a collaboration with Chris Herron of Tall Tales TV (kudos to Jane Jago), there is now a newly narrated Felix short story!

Read (and listen on) – I’d love to get your feedback on this.

Chris’ Tall Tale TV YouTube channel is dedicated to narrating Sci-Fi and Fantasy short stories. I’ve submitted Shade’s Shadow, and Chris was very excited to record it for the story’s unique background and fantasy mix.

For the curious, Chris asked me for clarification about the names and Latin terms in the story (fairly standard issue fro SFF fiction). I’ve recorded a set of terms for him, and he’s done a bang-up job of pronouncing them (only missing Egretia – where the T is hard). This is mostly how I hear all those italicised words in my head 🙂

The narration was published last week (and if you’re already missing Halloween, the timing is perfect). There’s an MP3 recording:

Or the official YouTube video with Chris’ narration:

Please listen (and don’t forget to click the thumbs-up on YouTube), and let me know your thoughts. This would greatly help me in planning future audio-books!


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