Felix Novus Annus

Happy New Year from Egretia.jpg

Thank you for being part of this past amazing year! May next year be just as wonderful, filled with books and goodies.

This post offers a bit of reflection on the past year, and announcements about what’s coming.

The title of the post, for the curious, is ‘happy new year’ in bad Latin — all correlation to the star of Togas, Daggers, and Magic is purely coincidental…

In Numia eBookFirst to mention, of course, is the hugely successful launch of In Numina. It is always humbling when stories I write essentially for my own enjoyment are appreciated and lauded by others.

My eternal thanks to everyone who helped along the way, and to all of you who read it and left a review!

Assaph Mehr - Aquae et IgnisFor those who have it languishing on their TBR-pile or need a quicker starting point, there is also the novella Aquae et Ignis. It’s completely free, is only a fifth of a full-length novel, and has all of Felix’s high points. (Well, OK, he doesn’t specifically wear a toga, but there’s plenty of daggers, magic, and fish-sauce).

As the blurb goes, it’s a story of Lunacy and Piracy, of Exile and Ghosts. The perfect, quick introduction to Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic, or something to tide you over till the next novel comes out.

There was also the audio-story of Shade’s Shadow, with promise of more to come. If you’re an audiobook aficionado, please have a listen and tell me what you think.

Speaking of things to come, this coming year I will be writing In Victrix. No release date yet (hey, I just started putting words on pixels), but I can tell you it will be a story of gladiators and of womanly mysteries. Appropriately, here are some celebrating (and celebratory) gladiators:


Hope to see you around in the new year. May it be filled with good books!

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