2021 – A Review

Exactly a year ago I published a blog post here with the somewhat dubious title of I Quit My Job So I Could Write!. I thought I’d review how that went…

First, if you haven’t read that post (and by the responses I got on social media it’s clear that some people stopped at the title ;-), the joke was that it could mean “I quit my job in order to write more”, but in reality it was “I quit my job (and starting a new one), so I should be able to find the time to write more”.

Haha, I’m funny, I know. #DadJokes are the best.

And I did, indeed, make some progress on editing In Victrix. That was going slow but steady, until around May/June when the Delta wave of COVID hit Australia. I completely stopped going to the office, hence no more train commutes, hence no more writing and editing. Simultaneously my work load also increased, so I had to put writing aside.

I’ve also had less time to read, and when I did half the time it was professional literature. That’s partly why the blog has shifted to fortnightly posts. While I’m excited about my job and career progress, and am doing creative and intensely interesting things at work, that does mean less time to write (after 12 hours of meetings my brain is fried — and I’m not trying any of Felix’s pick-me-up concoctions!)

So that was pretty much my past year:

  • Awesome career progress
  • Not so awesome book progress
  • Still alive and kicking, so there’s that

As for next year, while I’d like to say I’d be looking at finishing my last story changes and passing it on to the pro editors, I’m being realistic. Between work and a planned move interstate (Tasmania! I’d show you where, but I don’t want to post a map of Tassie), I doubt I’d get enough consistent time. Still, In Victrix is there, waiting, written, just in need of a final push and polish. It’s something I very much want to get out, and get back to writing in general. Maybe as a stretch goal, I’ll try to write a piece of short fiction of two. Maybe even with Felix.

I hope you can bear the wait with me — I’ll definitely return to writing well before retirement 😉 In the mean time you can follow my book reviews here or on Goodreads (which includes all the extra bits around Product Management that don’t make it to this blog). I’ll also keep posting Roman and general historical trivia, and the usual fun stuff that makes you read all the way down here (rather than look for the unsubscribe button).

Lastly, of course, let me leave you with this 🙂

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