Book Review: Crime Wave 2: Women of a Certain Age: A Canada West Anthology

Sometimes one is in in an uncertain mood, unsure of what to read next and wishing to try several things. Anthologies offer a selection of quick samples, showing windows into what might be worth exploring further.

What to Expect

Sixteen short stories, written by women and with female protagonist, all involving and revolving around a crime of some sort, and taking places around Canada. Don’t be fooled by the ‘certain age’ in the title — the protagonist cover anything from pre-teen children to the elderly.

What I liked

I tend to like the short stories that haunt you, the ones offering a perspective not commonly seen, evoking unexpected feelings. There were a couple of those in the anthology, which made the whole thing worthwhile.

What to be aware of

As with any Anthology, it’s a mixed bag. There are the inescapable ‘police are useless’ tropes that read like an 80’s detective, the flatly predictable, and the ones you just don’t connect with. Not every story is ever for all readers, and the point of an anthology is the quick exposure to a variety of author voices in order to find what resonates with you.

Felix’s Review

Unlike me, Felix is usually after the straight-up mystery. He found a couple to enjoy as well, with some better deduction process than others. Most of the stories though, just revolve around a crime, not necessarily a detective.


It’s a good collection of crime stories, for when you’re in the mood.

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