Setting a higher bar: happy new year :D

OK, so considering the last couple of years the bar ain’t that high 😅 Still, here’s to happier times in the future, and not just in the distant past.

On a personal note, the past year has been busy. Took on more responsibilities with the day-job, saw burn-out happen to those around me and realised I’m on the same trajectory, started a better job (more responsibility, but better balanced), lost said new job 3 weeks before Xmas, and interviewed madly between packing and moving interstate. In between were the obligatory kids, cats, and covid.

So you might say, I was a tad busy.

Next year brings settling in in the new state (Tasmania, for the curious), finding a new day-job, finishing building our house, settling in a new house again, and… Something will come up, I’m sure. If there’s anything the past few years have taught us, is that optimism is largely misplaced – and I say that as an incorrigible optimist 😜

At some point though, preferably soon, I really, really want to get back to writing. Felix is nagging and all that. Once the house is ready I’ll have my own study, it’ll face amazing views, and IT WILL HAVE A LOCK ON THE DOOR — so slowly addressing all excuses.

You’ll notice as things become real when I revive my mailing list with a short story or two, and the announcement of when In Victrix is finally going into production. Until them, keep following this blog (or the less used mailing list) for all things R: reading, writing, and Romans.

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