As some may know, we’ve recently visited Israel. While this was mostly about visiting family and friends, we did get to tour around a bit. Here, for example, we visited my favourite fort: I’ve posted a lot of images on my Instagram feed. More importantly, each image comes with its own little story, and why […]

This is book I wanted to read for a while, and finally got down to sit and read it. Beard is a Professor of Classics at Cambridge, and this novel is the culmination of 50 years of love and research into Roman culture. What to expect A review of the first millennium of Roman history. […]

I get asked often about the research I do for my novels. Even when I’m not asked, I volunteer information… Besides reading proper history books (mostly by modern historians, but the occasional translated original source as well), I particularly like what might be termed “experimental archaeology”. These are people with a keen interest, that review […]

This is a guest post I’ve written for Pure Jonel’s blog. Originally published on: Of Fantasy Worlds and Roman Gods I have a confession. It’s about one of my pet peeves. Whenever someone casually mentions the “Greek and Roman gods”, or goes on to describe a “Roman mythology” by quoting tales of the Greek pantheon, […]