Yeah, about that… When you start an “update” blog-post with the image on the left, there’s only one place it can go, right? Well, now. Let’s take it as an exercise in finding the optimism in everything. It wasn’t all a total wash. The pandemic has indeed put a damper on my writing. I used […]

First, as a warm up, last October Archaeologists Discovered 20 Sealed Ancient Egyptian Coffins. It’s a unique find, in that the sarcophagi are very well preserved and are still entirely sealed. While I’m always the curious type, 2020 being what it is – may I suggest perhaps we shouldn’t open them? 😅 Seriously, though, read […]

Welcome to our regularly scheduled survey of ancient news, from archaeological discoveries to experimental archaeology. This time we cover anything from shipwrecks to deliberate wrecking equipment, from war to medicine. Let us start with your classical bit of archaeology. This is an amazing find from the Danube: Probable Roman shipwrecks unearthed at a Serbian coal […]

Exciting news! It is with great pleasure, that I announce that I have been invited to join as a regular contributor! is a top fantasy book review site. They run their own yearly fantasy awards, and the blog is one of the ten SPFBO judging blogs every year (and has picked some of […]