Book Review: Salt in the Blood, by N. B. Williams


I’ve met Nikki Williams through Twitter. We’ve exchanged a few messages, discussed books and publishing, and became friends.

I knew she was writing a horror novella, and was curious about it. She was kind enough to give me an ARC copy late last year.

Now that she has finally published it, I was happy to put my review up. I’ve replicated it below, for readers of this blog.

TL;DR: if you like horror stories and are after a quick-read, give it a shot!

A great debut novella, that makes me want to read more from this author!

What to expect:
Salt in the blood is a classic horror story. Set in a country-side manor house, it follows events when a young nurse hired to deal with the elderly lady of the house. The nurse comes in on a stormy night, and proceeds over the coming days to uncover some dark family secrets.
Sounds cliché? It’s not.
It’s a brilliantly told story, with all the elements that make the horror genre work. A joy to read, a great example of craft in storytelling.

What I liked:
The writing style, use of language, descriptions and characterisation are all top notch. The writing is well paced, draws you in, and keeps you engaged.

What to be aware of:
This is a novella, not a grand epic. This creates certain limitations on scale of descriptions and backstories, that is often the hallmark of fantasy and horror works. That said, it will appeal to those who appreciate the sometime lost art of short stories.
This is an ancient-horrors style novel, rather than a deep psychological breakdown. Expect vividly descriptive passages of flayed skin and demonic presences, for your gruesome after-dinner entertainment.

If you’re looking for a quick – and horrifying – read, pick up this new author. You will not be disappointed.

You can get your copy on Amazon. Do it now, before Nikki becomes all too famous 😉

Next review: Mary Beard’s SPQR (non-fiction). Am about half way through, and enjoying it tremendously.

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  1. This review has piqued my interest and now I’m adding another “must read” to an already out of control list! “Salt in the Blood” sounds just too tantalizing to pass on, so I will hopefully get to it eventually!


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