Felix the Fox is a failed magician (not his fault he couldn't pay tuition and got thrown out), a discharged legionary (honourably discharged - even if the dice were loaded), and a full time investigator of crap no one else wants to touch. Assaph is just the guy putting words on paper for Felix.

Two interview thingies (that’s a technical term): First, an interview with me by fellow author Martin Wisely. If you ever wondered what lies behind the official blurbs, check this out: wilseymc.blogspot.com.au/2015/12/fast-friday-indie-interviews-assaph-mehr.html Second, for those who do not know, I also run a blog dedicated to interviewing characters out of book. Yep, the characters. It’s a great […]

I have always maintained that digital piracy is unavoidable, and it is therefore better to treat it as a compliment. It is not a lost sale but more like a book borrowed from a public library – and with the right attitude, you can potentially gain a long-term fan. I have been approached by Mobilism.org about it, and […]

The story takes place about twelve years before the events of Murder in-absentia and during 79 CE in Rome (well after the events of Nemesis by Lindsey Davis). This story is fan-fiction. Marcus Didius Falco is © Lindsey Davis, and Gordianus the Finder is © Steven Saylor. Both are used without permission but with much love and admiration. Make sure to […]

Murder in-absentia is now being carried by Galaxy Books in Sydney. If you’re around the QVB – check them out! They’re a really great store for sci-fi and fantasy buffs. Over the weekend I’ve also had my first ever book signing at BezerkaCon. The conventions was well attended, and the book was well received. You can […]

The story takes place about twelve years before the events of Murder In Absentia and during 63 BCE in Rome (just after the events of Catilina’s Riddle by Steven Saylor). This story is fan-fiction. Gordianus the Finder is © Steven Saylor, and is used without permission but with much love and admiration. Egretia, 523 AUC Never practice […]

I will be at BezerkaCon this Sunday, November 15th, for book signing! BezerkaCon is a brand new tabletop gaming and artistic convention organised by the Sydney Roleplaying Games Association. It will be held in Balmain Town Hall. Come drop by if you want a personally signed and dedicated copy, or just to say hello 🙂

The events in this story take place about three years before those of Murder In Absentia. Felix is hired to deal with some strange sanitation issues. I pushed the burnt body with the toe of my boot. The charred remains shifted, slid, turned over. The face was still barely recognisable, as the burns were from […]