Catching the public’s eye and directing it to your book is hard. The favourite past-time for authors is interviewing each other. Makes us all feel a little bit like celebrities I guess, in the hope that the public will buy into it. It’s also great with procrastinating actually writing your next novel 😉 We’re all […]

A short story – but one that does not involve Felix. At least not in his usual home world. I’m sure he’d agree with it though. Never practice magic when you’re drunk. So you have a bottle or two of Chianti over dinner, when inspiration strikes on how to speed up creating century eggs and […]

Hi guys, I’m running a giveaway on Goodreads for Murder in-absentia! Enter for a chance to win a free signed copy of the most exciting fantasy murder mystery (with an historical bent and a splash of horror) released this year!       Go here to enter: Winners will be announced on Jan 1st – […]

Hi guys, I’m not entirely happy with the cover for Murder In Absentia, and have been thinking of getting a new one. I have been researching options that won’t bankrupt me, and have been thinking about Derek Murphy from CreativeIndie before ( By chance I found out that he runs a 12-day giveaway now! So […]

Unless you somehow missed it, I recently published my debut novel. For those who asked about how I did it, and as a sort of learning exercise, I recently wrote an article for Lifehacker about what it takes to become an author. You can read it in full here: While the article contains a lot of information, […]

Two interview thingies (that’s a technical term): First, an interview with me by fellow author Martin Wisely. If you ever wondered what lies behind the official blurbs, check this out: Second, for those who do not know, I also run a blog dedicated to interviewing characters out of book. Yep, the characters. It’s a great […]

I have always maintained that digital piracy is unavoidable, and it is therefore better to treat it as a compliment. It is not a lost sale but more like a book borrowed from a public library – and with the right attitude, you can potentially gain a long-term fan. I have been approached by about it, and […]

The story takes place about twelve years before the events of Murder in-absentia and during 79 CE in Rome (well after the events of Nemesis by Lindsey Davis). This story is fan-fiction. Marcus Didius Falco is © Lindsey Davis, and Gordianus the Finder is © Steven Saylor. Both are used without permission but with much love and admiration. Make sure to […]

Murder in-absentia is now being carried by Galaxy Books in Sydney. If you’re around the QVB – check them out! They’re a really great store for sci-fi and fantasy buffs. Over the weekend I’ve also had my first ever book signing at BezerkaCon. The conventions was well attended, and the book was well received. You can […]

The story takes place about twelve years before the events of Murder In Absentia and during 63 BCE in Rome (just after the events of Catilina’s Riddle by Steven Saylor). This story is fan-fiction. Gordianus the Finder is © Steven Saylor, and is used without permission but with much love and admiration. Egretia, 523 AUC Never practice […]